Entrepreneurship in the field of waste management eventually boils down to augmenting the economy. In order to make a project sustainable, the need for constant revenue becomes very crucial. These revenues may come as payments made for services or through funds received from the Government, corporations, welfare organisations, etc.

Considering the prerequisite for entrepreneurship, the experts at IIWM guide and encourage various stakeholders, especially women, vulnerable groups and students to undertake entrepreneurships in waste management.

Our services for entrepreneurship include:
  • Elaborate description of waste management and the various technologies involved in managing it
  • Providing concepts and ideas and advice in source funding
  • Recognising the stakeholders involved in Solid Waste Management planning and execution
  • Avail benefits that can be generated from Solid Waste and utilize it for further development of the society
  • Make people realize the importance and how to convert Waste Management into a Facility Service & lucrative entrepreneurship opportunity