SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT IIWM offers experienced and elaborate services in the management of solid waste, generated from various sectors...

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TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION Along with the aforementioned solutions, we also bring a wide array of other services like...

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SANITATION At IIWM, we believe in extending services for promoting good health and hygiene to the public...

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WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT According to the government report on Urban and Industrial Water Supply and Sanitation for the Twelfth Five...

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RESOURCE EFFICIENCY Along with the growth in population and economy, the demand for natural resources is also growing. This growth is also fostering other...

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ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT Entrepreneurship in the field of waste management eventually boils down to augmenting the economy...

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POLICY AND REGULATORY FRAMEWORK The policy and regulatory framework is the mainstay of any institutional and implementation system...

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OUT-REACH ACTIVITIES IIWM believes in the power and impact of information sharing and hence engages in all possible opportunities in out-reach activities...

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RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT At IIWM, we are engaged in our own research activities at laboratory scale as well as field research...

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WASTE MANAGEMENT EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATE COURSES IIWM is in the process of setting up an education course and certificate...

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Services We Offer


  • Offer thorough research related to the sector that we work in
  • Policy level interventions and law
  • Engage local governments on various aspects of waste management, which includes technical partners, policy advisory, stakeholder consultations, etc.


  • We design courses & training programs on Waste Management
  • We have a team who publishes research papers in the area of waste management, wastewater and sustainable environment
  • Mainstreaming environmental management in universities and colleges


  • We provide holistic solutions on various sectors of industries in order to manage their waste effectively and efficiently
  • We offer technical assistance with environment management
  • Plan training programs for the industries as a part of their capacity building programme


  • Carryout specific projects related to the sectors that we work in, encompassing policy research, technical papers, short and long studies etc.


  • Support NGOs in capacity building in the field of waste management
  • Handhold them to execute projects at the grassroot level
  • Support in providing technical resources in the field of waste management