Market Improvement Project

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The 'Eco improvement of traditional markets and developing linkages to ecotourism' is a project entrusted to IIWM by the ‘Meghalaya Basin Development Authority (MBDA)’, Government of Meghalaya. This is being jointly implemented by MBDA, the State Council of Science, Technology and Environment (SCSTE), and IIWM in 54 traditional markets of Meghalaya. This project aims at improving the market infrastructure with focus on traditional eco-friendly architecture and waste management interventions. Most of these markets are situated in the banks of the rivers and streams and currently polluting these water bodies. The project aims at setting up decentralised solid waste and liquid waste management systems to tackle this problem. Use of renewable energy is also being explored.

A community based approach is the goal of the project. The project not only focuses on the traditional cost-effective infrastructure improvement, but also will establish an economic model, which generates its own revenue through entrepreneurship development from waste management, revenue for eco-tourism etc., which will be unique and innovative. This project will also be supported by NESAC (ISRO), Meghalaya.